What am I doing here?

Hello! I’m an emerging artist mustering courage to share my work with the world. My medium of choice for self-expression is writing. By day, I write for executives, and in the early mornings and late nights, I write from my heart ♥️. I’m in the process of writing the first draft of my memoir and I want to invite you on my journey of fighting the artist’s resistance.

Every morning as I sit — a** in chair — to approach the blank page, a different part of me shows up. I want to document my experiences because the juxtaposition of spirituality and art has never been more visceral. I hope my experiences inspire you to reflect and fight your own resistance in sharing your true self with the world. The world 🌍 needs your light 💡!

Let’s go!

Lisa May Francisco

A multi-faceted creative exploring the world of writing, spiritual enthusiast, JRNI coach in training, comms professional, and inner child work advocate.

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